Cleveland with a Car

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yes, we finally roadtripped out there a few weeks ago so M. could experience the gateway to the Midwest for himself. So, naturally, since there was a car involved, bikes came along too, and we spent lots of time during the weekend not actually in Cleveland but in the great network of parks surrounding the city.

Here at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I was waiting for a group of kayakers to get into the water already, in the town of Peninsula. I spent a good 20 minutes waiting and then had to rush to get this little charcoal sketch done as they paddled off.

Kayakers at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Peninsula, Ohio

The next day, while M. went biking in Rocky River Reservation with my boss, I parked myself at the overlook and struggled with this mostly unsuccessful, overworked vista of the train bridge at Berea Falls.

Train bridge at Berea Falls, Berea, Ohio

Later, after brunch at Treehuggers Cafe, M. and I returned to find the path that leads down to the rocks. I sketched the rocks and water and then sketched M. drawing the train bridge.

Near Berea Falls, Berea, Ohio

M. drawing at Berea Falls, Berea, Ohio

Rubin Museum

Serenity at Serai

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spritzy inclement weather made us convene at the Rubin Museum this week for the Wednesday class. We sipped tea (or wine!) at Serai, the museum's cafe, and enjoyed live music. I was trying out a new Loxley enameled metal half-pan watercolor box from Atlantis Art Materials. Of course I started off on slippery-difficult Arches hot pressed paper, just because.

Behind the counter at the Rubin Museum happy hour, New York, NY

And then I switched to the cold pressed. Not that it was really any easier -- just more familiar. These straight-to-watercolor sketches make my left brain hurt!

Live music and contemplation at the Rubin Museum happy hour, New York, NY

"New York City"

Emerging from the Mist

Friday, May 04, 2012

I almost didn't go to the class on Wednesday, as I was so frustrated by the hour-long bus ride from Secaucus to New York for the second day in a row (Bin Laden death anniversary = massive security at the tunnel). Not to mention the lingering jet lag, wooziness, etc. from the trip. And the chilly gloom that was the weather. But I went for a little while, and managed one semi-decent sketch. The exercise Anne gave us was to do a value study in 10 minutes, one brush for paint plus one damp brush. Go.

NYC 23rd and B'way looking north