A Lakeside Fourth

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Bunting? Check. Parade? Check. Kids waving flags? Check, check, check! M.'s family reunion on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio gave me the perfect opportunity to teach a sketching workshop at Lakeside Chautauqua's Rhein Center, and the Fourth of July holiday timing just added to the fun.

Despite the heat and humidity -- and kits with Prang watercolors(!) -- the group did a great job capturing small-town Americana vignettes.

Here are some of my demo pieces from the workshop, plus some of the other sketches from the weekend.

190704 Demo sketch Lakeside Ohio

190703 Red white blud demo sketch Lakeside

190704 Parade Lakeside Ohio

190704 Parade Lakeside Ohio 2

Shuffleboard is more difficult than it looks!

190706 Shuffleboard Lakeside Ohio

190706 Shuffleboard Lakeside Ohio 2

Bikes and golf carts are everywhere at Lakeside.

190705 bicycle Lakeside Ohio

On our way to the airport in Cleveland, we stopped at Sherod Park in Vermilion. The lake was angry, and the waves lapped at my feet as I drew.

190707 Lake Erie Sherod Park Vermilion Ohio