Going North

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Daytrip north, on a Monday a few weeks ago. Summer eats and a bike ride in Bodega Bay, then a longish drive home with a stop in Marshall (Tomales Bay).

191014 Bodega Bay CA

191014 Marshall CA 2

191014 Marshall CA 1


Dinner at Nyum Bai

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Had been wanting to visit Nyum Bai, the storied East Bay Cambodian restaurant, so we popped up there for dinner last night. Sketched Fruitvale Public Market while waiting in line to be seated.

191005 Fruitvale Public Market Oakland

Open kitchens are an invitation to draw, so I quickly sketched the cooks while the food was being prepared.

191005 Nyum Bai Oakland

And yes, the food was delish. Ended our meal with ice cream/sorbet from the vendor inside the Public Market. Mmm.


Getting Out of a Rut

Sunday, October 06, 2019

People: I stopped drawing for a while. I came back from Labor Day weekend and just stopped. I had my sketchbook and pen with me all the time, but I didn't take them out. I had a block. Work was all-consuming. And nothing was coming out of the pen onto the page. Every day I told myself, I'll draw tomorrow. And then tomorrow would come, and then... and then it was October! Which, in the drawing world, is Inktober!

So I decided it was time for tough love.

Recall that I have all those inks from the workshop I took at A Verb for Keeping Warm with Judi Pettite. I parked myself in the studio, put on some music, and got them out.

191005 natural inks studio shot

And I did, and got caught up on my Inktober debt.

191005 fig leaves in light

191005 Carmel beach ink abstract

191005 lime purple inks abstract

191005 red inks abstract

191005 red purple inks abstract

Sometimes you're in a drawing drought. It happens. Just have to drag yourself out through sheer force.