colored pencil

Sketching at the Brooklyn Library

Sunday, March 24, 2013

More people at the Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY

Spent an hour sketching at the Brooklyn Library's cafe last weekend with the NYC Urban Sketchers.

Cafe patrons at the Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY

Man with a hat at Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY

A curious young man (I think he was 10, but for some reason my sketch makes him look older) stopped to see what we were doing; he ended up taking out his notebook and sketching with us, as he chatted about Picasso and the Guggenheim -- and then he posed for a portrait.

Posing for a portrait, at the Booklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY


March in Manhattan

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Saturday afternoon at Old Town Bar, New York, NY

It all started with a casual leaf (well, digital swipe) through the current issue of Country Living. Intrigued by a feature excerpted from Sibella Court's new book, I researched her and found that she'd earlier written The Stylist's Guide to NYC. A curated pick of shops in the city? Sounded like my kind of book -- and as the Union Square Barnes & Noble had it in stock, off to Manhattan we went yesterday.

After procuring the book, I stopped in for an hour and a half at Old Town Bar, where the NYC Urban Sketchers were holding court. We were blessed with a steady stream of models (I mean, bar patrons) to draw.

At Old Town Bar, New York, NY

Afterward, I met M. at Strand Books, where I snagged the now out-of-print Robert Wade's Watercolor Workshop Handbook.

Two places that Sibella Court favored were next on our list: Olde Good Things and the Antiques Garage in Chelsea. Fun stuff in both places, but definitely priced well above what we'd get them for outside NYC.

We ended our day at Jones Wood Foundry, a cozy British-style pub on the Upper East Side, because I was craving sticky toffee pudding. And it was good.

Diners at Jones Wood Foundry, New York, NY