More Experiments with the Pen Sketcher's Paper

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I'm still working with the Bee Pen Sketcher's sketchbook, as we'll be using it for the Art in Action workshop I'm leading in a few months.

At a conference for work in Anaheim, California, I sketched some entertainers: a poet with a typewriter slung around his neck and a temporary tattoo artist. I colored it with the inexpensive Yarka semi-moist watercolors and Pentel Aquash waterbrush that we'll be using in the workshop.

Poet and tattoo artist at a conference, Anaheim, CA

Last weekend, I went to San Francisco and sketched David Best's temple in Hayes Valley. Again, I used the Yarka watercolors.

Patricia's Green, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA


Hike and Sketch: Fortini Trail, San Jose

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Several weeks ago, M. and I enjoyed a hike, picnic, and sketch excursion with artist Suhita Shirodkar and her family. It was fun to see the other part of the park that is right behind our back yard. At certain times we couldn't see anything except trees, the trail, and green hills all around us (and power lines, of course). It was nearly like being in Ireland.

On the Fortini Trail, Santa Teresa County Park, San Jose, CA

Bonus: M. found a deer skull as we were hiking back to the parking lot. Will have to clean it up a bit before we decide whether to display it.

Here's Suhita's account of the day.