"New York City"

Reliving Our First 'Date': Giorgione, New York City

Saturday, February 25, 2012

At Giorgione, New York, NY (digitally colored w/ pen tablet)

The first day we met in person, M. and I had a business lunch at the sadly now defunct Tabla Bread Bar -- and then a romantic dinner at Giorgione. Thankfully, Giorgione is still around, and the driving rain didn't stop us from having a lovely time last night.

Drawn on the back of yesterday's dinner specials menu with a Pilot Petit1 fountain pen. The ink in it is not waterproof, so I colored it digitally with my pen tablet.

"Beacon Hill"

Boston Sketchbook

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good friends, good weather, good things to draw = great weekend in Boston. After I finally put away the BlackBerry and laptop, M. and I wandered across the street from our room at the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro to Caffe Bella Vita so I could draw while sipping hot lemon-ginger tea.

View of Charles Street, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Later that evening we T'd over to Harvard Square for dinner. M. got a haircut at the old-school La Flamme barber shop, so I took the opportunity to sketch the patrons.

La Flamme barber shop, Cambridge, MA

Saturday morning, we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel. I was going to get the newspaper but realized the older gentleman across the way was reading the headlines aloud to his companion, so we happily eavesdropped and were soon caught up with everything that was going on in the world.

Breakfast at Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro, Boston, MA

After a jaunt through the North End, we hopped on the T to the Museum of Science and spent an hour and a half learning the pros and cons of fracking, why it's safe to be in a car during lightning, and all kinds of things about geckos. Oh, and we watched cotton-top tamarins running around. They move FAST.

Cotton-top tamarins, Museum of Science, Boston, MA

"Brooklyn" "Fort Greene" "Brooklyn Flea" "Skylight One Hanson"

Browsing at the Brooklyn Flea

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last time we'd been to the Brooklyn Flea, it was in DUMBO and crazy crowded. This time we came early, by car, and had lots of room to wander about. Its current winter home is a beautiful former bank building in Fort Greene -- a lovely, vaulting setting for slightly overpriced vintage wares. Didn't buy a lot, but didn't expect to. Brunched at No. 7 afterward (broccoli tacos! love!), a few blocks away. The frigid temps drove us back early; next time, we'll stay and explore a bit more.

Shoppers at the Brooklyn Flea, Skylight One Hanson, Fort Greene, NY

Abstract of shapes based on a scene at the Brooklyn Flea, Fort Greene, NY

"Gordon Ramsay"

At the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Lounge, Newark, NJ

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Had to fly to London for work a few weeks ago, so I got to hang out in the Virgin Upper Class lounge at Newark Liberty International Airport. Outside the snow was falling; inside it was a mod, mod world. It's a retro-cool living room, with color-categorized book spines and lipstick-red seats. As I noshed on the complimentary breakfast fare, I looked up and did a double take -- Gordon Ramsay was sitting just over there. He chatted with fellow passengers, gamely posed for a camera-clutching fan -- and ate toast and jam, just like the rest of us. I sketched him as he took a cell-phone call.

Gordon Ramsay at the Virgin Upperclass lounge, Liberty Airport, Newark, NJ

Passenger at the Virgin Upperclass lounge, Liberty Airport, Newark, NJ