Boston Sketchbook

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good friends, good weather, good things to draw = great weekend in Boston. After I finally put away the BlackBerry and laptop, M. and I wandered across the street from our room at the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro to Caffe Bella Vita so I could draw while sipping hot lemon-ginger tea.

View of Charles Street, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Later that evening we T'd over to Harvard Square for dinner. M. got a haircut at the old-school La Flamme barber shop, so I took the opportunity to sketch the patrons.

La Flamme barber shop, Cambridge, MA

Saturday morning, we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel. I was going to get the newspaper but realized the older gentleman across the way was reading the headlines aloud to his companion, so we happily eavesdropped and were soon caught up with everything that was going on in the world.

Breakfast at Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro, Boston, MA

After a jaunt through the North End, we hopped on the T to the Museum of Science and spent an hour and a half learning the pros and cons of fracking, why it's safe to be in a car during lightning, and all kinds of things about geckos. Oh, and we watched cotton-top tamarins running around. They move FAST.

Cotton-top tamarins, Museum of Science, Boston, MA

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  1. Suma, these are wonderful!
    You are so talented and gifted.
    Thanks for sharing!