South Pasadena - Very Un-L.A.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flew out to Los Angeles for the weekend -- gorgeous weather, and amazingly functional public transportation in most areas. I can see why people live in SoCal. Really.

Pasadena, where we stayed, and South Pasadena, a few stops down the Gold Line, are nice, walkable areas that don't feel too sprawly unless you're close to the freeways. Here's a sketch I did while waiting for the Gold Line train to Highland Park to visit a childhood friend:

Did a quick one of a few cyclists as they went through the intersection:

We went to brunch at Firefly Bistro on El Centro Street, right near the Mission train station, where there was live music and very yummy food. Did a quick sketch of the guitarist while waiting for our entrees.

(Lamy Safari w/ Noodler's Ink in Lexington Gray, and Winsor & Newton watercolors added afterward.)

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