Weekend in Provincetown

Monday, March 09, 2009

Stayed at the Land's End Inn in Provincetown, MA, during a little Cape Cod getaway. Lovely bed-and-breakfast with eclectic decor and gorgeous views. This was a clumsy attempt to capture the sunrise out of the window in our room. I don't think I've done a single painting I like in this Cotman watercolor spiral pad. (It must be the paper, not me, ha!)

And here is a stone head in the garden of the inn, also drawn while looking out the window:

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  1. I would not be so hard on yourself (yea, that me talking the one who redoes his watercolors 10 times to get it right). The sunrise is definitely your style, tho I am not fond of the sky colors, it is a good reflection of you. the other one I like a lot. What kind of paper? Rough?

  2. I love the peaceful mood of this one ...

  3. Great relationship between the line and wash in the stone head image.

    See you at the next Sketchcrawl? I started a NYC thread on the forum.