From London to Paris

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On our last day in London, we breakfasted at Smith's of Smithfield, in the area of Smithfield Market. The blackberry-mint smoothie was divine.

Then we took the Eurostar train to Paris. Here are a few impressions of the landscape outside the train. There were fields and fields' worth of acid yellow rapeseed flowers, too, which were gorgeous.

The weather in Paris was gorgeous, too. Here's a quick sketch of a cafe on Rue St Antoine:

When we went up the "butte" of Montmartre, we found lots of sketch artists making conte pencil drawings of tourists for a fee -- and so they themselves became the subject of my sketch:

Dinner one night was at a traditional French bistro, the General La Fayette:

We returned to London on the Eurostar on Sunday -- here's a passenger asleep on the train:

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  1. I love your trip. I have a cousin who works for a ministry in France's government as a photographic artist.
    Love your views.

  2. These are lovely, Suma! I'll have to step up my sketchbook game when I go!

  3. I love seeing London and Paris like this! What a fabulous representation (and what a great trip)