Vacant Building, South End

Saturday, June 27, 2009

There are several vacant buildings in Stamford's South End -- long abandoned former factories and such. I've been wanting to sketch them before they're all razed for the new Fairway-and-condo complex, and I finally went out this morning to do it. Instead of my usual Moleskine, I tried out a sample pad of Bristol board. Surprisingly it takes watercolor quite well.

(Lamy Safari w/ Noodler's Lexington Gray ink and waterclors on Strathmore 300 Series smooth Bristol.)

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  1. These were the old Yale and Towne lock company buildings which brought workers from Greece and Italy into Stamford. Built in the early 1900's they have been many things including Art Studios.
    I am glad you captured one and did it beautifully!
    Now tell me about mole skin if you would.