SketchCrawl #24 - Governors Island

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This time, the NYC group chose Governors Island as the SketchCrawl venue. The weather could not have been more perfect!!
Before heading down there for the SketchCrawl meet-up near Castle Williams, stopped at Republic on Union Square for some pad thai. Sketched the view looking north toward 18th Street while waiting:

Sketchcrawl 24: View of Union Square streets

Since M had brought along his folding bike, we rode with the bicyclists on the ferry going over to Governors Island. The boat was packed with people and their two-wheelers:

Sketchcrawl 24: Ferry to Governors Island

There was a festival on the island. These sculptures loomed over the tents and people:

Sketchcrawl 24: Sculptures at Governors Island Festival

I set up my folding stool in a patch of shade near Castle Williams and sketched the view of the Manhattan skyline beyond:

Sketchcrawl 24: View of Manhattan from Governors Island

As I took the ferry back to Manhattan, I sketched the bright red structure above the ferry dock:

Sketchcrawl 24: Governors Island Ferry Dock

It was a very fun SketchCrawl day indeed!

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  1. I feel like I got to go along with you. I love how your sketches have so much energy and movement; they tell a story.

  2. your sketches bring the place to life! fab!!