Racing the Weather at Kent Falls State Park

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yesterday we meandered up Route 7 toward Litchfield County, just because. It wasn't supposed to rain until late, or so said But as we passed around Lake Waramaug and took a long loop back toward Kent Falls State Park, the sky was threatening. I sketched the footbridge in pencil and took a photo for color notes; I used Arches Hot Press paper, which is a hit-or-miss experience. Then I sat by the waterfall and sketched in different media (NOT on the Arches paper but in a sketchbook). I tried dip pen and pencil but wasn't too happy with either, so I went back to my Lamy Safari for a last try. And then the sky opened up, so I had to pack up and go. (We did stop for handmade hazelnut ice cream at Belgique, of course, because, well, c'est necessaire!)

When I got home I added watercolor to both -- the footbridge painting has way, way too many layers of paint on it, and the tree shapes are bizarre. The other was a challenge because it's really hard to paint a waterfall.

How about you -- what tricks do you use with Hot Press paper and watercolor?

People enjoying Kent Falls State Park, Kent, CT

Footbridge at Kent Falls State Park, Kent, CT

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