Weekend Sketchbook: Mystic, CT

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Was in Mystic for M.'s annual family reunion this past weekend, and was able to get a fair amount of sketching in (when not kayaking, biking, shopping or playing cornhole and Apples to Apples).

Here's a quick ink-and-wash impression of Stonington Village Fair in Stonington, CT:

Stonington Fair, Stonington, CT

Determined to get better at painting on Arches Hot Press paper, I painted a few views of this tree in the neighbor's yard -- getting more abstract each time:

Tree at Mystic 2

Tree at Mystic 3

And I finally got to return to Bluff Point State Park after several years. There's a great rock formation that's like a desk and chair, which I used to set up my equipment for this painting (also on Arches Hot Press paper):

Rocks, Bluff Point State Park, Groton, CT

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