Weekend Sketchbook: Dutchess County Fair

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Last weekend, we went up to Rhinebeck, NY, for the annual Dutchess County Fair. (Between this event and Chelsea Clinton's wedding, Rhinebeck has sure seen a lot of action this year. We had dinner at the Beekman Arms, and the people at the bar were still talking about the wedding.)

Ah, county fairs, with their 4-H fun, husband-calling competitions, and unhealthy fare... I skipped the bloomin' onions in favor of my sketchbook.

The crowd, Dutchess County Fair 2010

Seated llama, Dutchess County Fair 2010

Camel, Dutchess County Fair 2010

The highlight of the fair was easily Rosaire's Racing Pigs. Yes, pigs, that "race" -- well, run or amble depending on their weight -- toward food:

Rosaire's Racing Pigs, Dutchess County Fair 2010

Pig and goats, Dutchess County Fair 2010

Llama, Dutchess County Fair 2010

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  1. You have such a great eye for detail and a mind for capturing the moment... keep doing what you're doing, your work is incredible.