Sunday in the City

Monday, February 21, 2011

Had a lovely time in New York yesterday. Started off with a visit to the PrattStore -- the Pratt Institute's art supply shop -- in Brooklyn. (There are some supplies that only certain stores carry, so it's always fun to go to a new one and poke around.) That entailed a ride on the crosstown G from Long Island City, so while I waited for the train to start up, I sketched a fellow passenger:

Man on the G train, New York, NY

The PrattStore does have some brands that I don't see in local CT stores, but what I was really interested in is their art supply buy-back program. The person who runs it wasn't there yesterday, but I might go back and sell off some stretcher strips and paints that I'm not using anymore.

I was also hoping that they just might carry the Noodler's flex-nib pen that Nina Johansson has been blogging about, but no such luck.

After a quick browse, I headed off to a friend's knitting get-together. Unfortunately I'd forgotten my knitting, so I spent the afternoon chatting, enjoying treats and sketching her two cats.

MR's cats

More of MR's cats

Ended the day meeting M. for a fabulous Portuguese-style dinner at Hotel Griffou -- no sketches, but yum! Definitely will be back there another evening to draw at the bar!

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