Southport Sketchbook: Happy Fourth!

Friday, July 05, 2013

How could I resist my friend's Facebook post (complete with pics of her children's adorably decorated bicycles) describing Southport, CT's old-fashioned Fourth of July parade? Followed by lawn games on the grounds of the Pequot Library? I was in!

Fourth of July bike parade start line, Southport, CT

I'd just started to sketch the start line when they were off! I frantically scratched out some lines, trying to capture the gesture of the kids gathered together in front of the buildings.

At the Pequot, everyone swarmed the hot dog stand; some kids got their faces painted.

Face painting after Fourth of July bike parade, Southport, CT

The heat and humidity were palpable. Many people stayed in the shade of trees with popsicles and ice cream to stay cool.

Hanging out on the Pequot Library lawn, Southport, CT

The lawn games were lots of fun -- there were costumed races with kids dressed up as King George, Betsy Ross, Paul Revere, etc. Of course I couldn't resist sketching the sack race, where the kids hopped to and fro in pillowcases imprinted with flags and stars!

Sack race after Fourth of July bike parade, Southport, CT

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