Caramoor in Winter, and Paper Experiments

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Missed last Saturday's Worldwide Sketchcrawl but went crawling on Sunday instead.

Breakfast at Lorca, Stamford,CT

Had breakfast at Lorca in Stamford (who can resist that blueberry rooibos tea?) and then drove around the snowy landscape of Caramoor in Katonah, NY, to sketch from inside the car. In the warmer months the lovely garden and grounds play host to beautiful music performances.

Weathervane at Caramoor, Katonah, NY

Archway at Caramoor, Katonah, CT

The above sketches were all done in a Stillman & Birn Gamma series sketchbook (yes, the one I got at the USK Symposium in Lisbon - wow, that was a long time ago).

The following two were done in an Arches field sketchbook. I seem to have a hit-or-miss experience with this paper. It doesn't seem to be consistent (maybe it's the sizing applied to the paper), and I find that it sometimes "sucks in" my paint and dulls it.

Sun and shadows at Caramoor, Katonah, NY

Winter trees at Caramoor, Katonah, NY

Back home, I opened a pack of handmade-in-Catalunya 100% cotton watercolor paper I'd bought last year in Barcelona to test it out. The surface is quite rough. I chose a less-than-optimal subject (from a photo taken a while ago, probably an abandoned barn in the Adirondacks) but I like the way the paper takes water and paint.

Old green barn

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