Saturday 5/17: USk Event at NYC Moleskine Stores

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Moleskine Art Plus sketch album

Need weekend plans? Meet Jason Das, Richard Alomar, Josiah Hanchett and me at Moleskine's New York City Stories event this Saturday, May 17. Jason and I will be sketching at Moleskine's Time Warner Center (Columbus Circle) kiosk store and Richard and Josiah will be sketching at the Soho store.

To prepare, last weekend I tried out the Moleskine Art Plus Sketch Album to get comfortable with its smooth 81 lb paper.

In general I found that dry media worked beautifully, as advertised. Colored pencils, Noodler's Lexington Gray ink in a fountain pen, Pitt pens, Pigma Micron pens, Neocolor II crayons, etc. love this paper. Get any amount of water on it, however, and it's a different story -- the paper buckles and little dashes appear that don't go away even when dry.

I did find, however, that gesso or a layer of acrylic paint on the page created a decent ground for applying water-based media. Shellac-based ink splashes were fine, too.

Here's my "media sampler":
Moleskine Art Plus sketch album test: Pigma Micron pen

Moleskine Art Plus sketch album test: watercolor pencils

Moleskine Art Plus sketch album test: Neocolor II

Moleskine Art Plus sketch album test: marker on acrylic paint ground

Moleskine Art Plus sketch album test: ink and watercolor

Moleskine Art Plus sketch album test: Prismacolor pencils

Faber-Castell Mix & Match Pitt Artist Pens Writing Set

Moleskine Art Plus sketch album tests: Sennelier shellac based ink

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  1. Yesterday I wished I could be in two places, but Washington Heights and the GWB won! Glad you experimented a bit to see what worked and didn't. Hope you had fun and lots of people.

    1. It was indeed a beautiful day to be outside, and we wished we could be up there at the lighthouse too! -- while we got a few chances to go out to the circle or the park, we were mostly inside helping people get comfortable with sketching and talking to people about urban sketchers. So hopefully we will see some of them joining us on the weekends!