5th Urban Sketching Symposium: Brazil - Part 2

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sketchwalk in the square, Paraty, Brazil

Paraty, halfway between Rio and Sao Paulo, is a time capsule colonial town that seems to hold a different festival or conference every week. There are horse carts and cobblestonesboulders and pousadas with questionable plumbing. And hummingbirds, and tiny birds that sip greedily from cut watermelon slices (who knew?). Walking involves carefully choosing your steps, except when the tide comes and you have to wade, ankle-deep.

Street in Paraty, Brazil

In Simonetta Capecchi's workshop at the Engenho d'Ouro distillery, we chronicled the making of cachaca, the famed sugarcane liquor found in the caipirinha.

At Engenho d'Ouro, Paraty, Brazil

More from the cachaca distillery, Paraty, Brazil

Sugarcane to make cachaca, Paraty, Brazil

Tasting and selling cachaca, Paraty, Brazil

When I tired of the machinery I turned my watercolors to the misty mountains beyond.

Mist behind the cachaca distillery, Paraty, Brazil

With Lynne Chapman we splashed color and drew lines and used mixed media to get over the fright of making marks on a blank page.

Line over color, Paraty, Brazil

Colored line exercise, Paraty, Brazil

Water, water everywhere in Paraty, Brazil

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