Still More Cleveland

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

West Side Market interior, Cleveland, Ohio

There's something about Cleveland. And not because of that guy who left and came back. One of my favorite places to go on Saturday mornings is West Side Market. This time we found out we could climb up into the balcony overlooking the stalls. So we got crepes and perched there and ate (and I sketched) and watched the market slowly fill with people.

Before meeting a friend for brunch at Urban Farmer, I slipped into the Cleveland Public Library for a few minutes. How could I not have seen this place before? I could have stayed for hours. I was smitten by the John G. White Chess and Checkers Collection -- the world's largest chess/draughts library. And oh, those adorable miniature books!

While I couldn't meet up to draw with any of the Cleveland Urban Sketchers this time around, I did happen to meet illustrator Bruce Biddle at the library. Turns out CPL's fine arts collection is extensive, including shelves upon shelves of watercolor books. So many treasures.

S'why we keep going back. Any other Clevelandphiles out there? What are your faves?

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  1. Love that you found a bird's eye view of the market...great perspective for a super sketch!