Bike and Sketch: Bay Trail / Baylands

Monday, February 29, 2016

Along the Bay Trail, Baylands, Palo Alto, California

Just a few minutes from my office is a haven for birds -- Baylands in Palo Alto, connected via the Bay Trail to Shoreline at Mountain View. We biked along the trail, and I stopped to sketch. We saw stilts, ducks, egrets, and even two pelicans.

I was testing out Bee Paper's Pen Sketcher's pad, as I'll be using that in an upcoming workshop I'm running for Art in Action. I was pleased to see that it worked fairly well with a Sharpie pen, watercolors, and a waterbrush.

Egret, Baylands, Palo Alto, California

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  1. Love your collection of sketches from the bay trail! Great work on the birds.