Viva Calle SJ: Open Streets in San Jose

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Viva Calle SJ - Bikes at Japantown

Last Sunday, San Jose closed six miles of streets to car traffic, creating a pedestrian- and bike-friendly urban playground. M. and I took our bikes and joined in the fun. The heat was intense, so I only got a few sketches in. Here are my impressions of Japantown, where we visited vendor booths and watched San Jose Taiko, our local kumidaiko (Japanese ensemble drumming) troupe.

Viva Calle SJ - Japantown hub

Viva Calle SJ - San Jose Taiko

Later I sketched the flea market near Burbank Antiques on W. San Carlos Street while M. fixed a flat on his bike.

Viva Calle SJ - Burbank antiques flea market

I noticed that there were more bikes than pedestrians this year -- perhaps due to the expanded route. Hope they increase the frequency of the event -- we discovered a lot of businesses along the way that we didn't even know existed!

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