Camera Ready in Denver

Monday, August 21, 2017

A week after I got back from Chicago, I was off to Denver for a video shoot with Craftsy. More details on the project will be coming soon, but here's a behind-the-scenes look at my days in front of the camera in Colorado.

M. and I arrived in Denver on Sunday. We took light rail from the airport to Union Station (it's the city's transport hub, meeting place, and living room) and got lunch.

We went to the two main shoot locations so I could get familiar with them. We also went to Meininger, the local art materials shop, so I could get some supplies. Next to their pen section, they have this handy guide to tell you which ones are waterproof -- so clever!

Monday was spent prepping. I got my hair and makeup done by the lovely Danica, who's also done makeup for President Obama.

My producer, Stephanie, and I scouted locations and went over the script. I met the crew and learned that the first order of business each day was ordering lunch. (Hey, everyone's gotta eat!)

I also got a look at the studio where we would be shooting the indoor portions. I learned a ton about video production, such as the reason that a clapperboard (slate) is used for each take (the black-and-white pattern and sharp noise help synchronize sound and video).

Tuesday was spent on location in a park, getting as many sections done between raindrops as we could. We'd ordered Mediterranean food for lunch, but while we were wrapping up the first walk-and-talk, a squirrel got into our pita bread! It was quite the picnic.

The afternoon shoot was even more challenging -- we shot that inside a car. The crew had to MacGyver the camera to the dash, which mostly worked except when the car lurched and the whole rig would fall forward. Talk about extreme sketching!

Wednesday, we were back at the park to shoot another section and then returned to the studios to do the last outdoor part. No squirrels this time, just extremely loud cicadas whose music would wax and wane in the background.

The last day was all indoor studio -- had to finish up the remaining portions plus record intros and outros. Time for a few final pics with Danica and Stephanie before heading off to the airport.

Stay tuned: I'll be sharing more about all of this in the coming weeks!

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