We Have Polo!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

South Bay Polo Club - Garlic Cup, Gilroy, CA

Yep, we do indeed, just 20 minutes away. Sketched this during the heat wave, at the South Bay Polo Club's Garlic Cup a few weeks ago. (It's in Gilroy, where everything is made of garlic.)

Interestingly, the announcer didn't proclaim "We have polo!" every few minutes as seemed to be the norm in Saratoga. Also unlike at our previous polo experiences in Saratoga and Greenwich, the attendees seemed to be a more diverse and laid-back crowd. Fewer UFO-size hats, more coolers. Plus there were tacos and margaritas - fun!

So far I've sketched golf and polo and yoga and ballroom dancing around the Bay Area. Still on the list to sketch: fencing, cricket. What else?

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