Happy First Decade, USK!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Times Square colors, USK Global Sketchwalk Nov 11

Urban Sketchers celebrated its 10th anniversary on November 11 with a 24-hour global sketchwalk. Search for #USkGlobal24hrSketchwalk on social media to see everyone's drawings. It's amazing to be connected to so many people sharing the same mission -- to meet, sketch, and share -- all over the world!

Since I was on the East Coast for work, I hopped on a bus up to New York City for the day. It was extremely cold, and I didn't have a heavy coat with me. After lunch and some museum browsing with a friend, I went to Times Square to try to meet up with the local Urban Sketchers chapter group. Sadly we somehow missed one another, but I got a few sketches in anyway before my toes froze -- 'cause that's what we do. :)

Times Square, USK Global Sketchwalk Nov 11

Thank you to USk founder Gabi Campanario for starting this fantastic movement and giving us this global family of artists!

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