A Sketching 'Century'

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Bicyclists brag about finishing a century. We sketchers have our equivalent, thanks to the lovely Liz Steel and Marc Taro Holmes.

The task is simple: Draw 100 people from March 5 to March 9. Post with the hashtag #OneWeek100People2018 so we can all see one another's work. That's it!

I did it successfully last year, and I'm excited to participate again.

Here's what I found to be helpful:

  1. Drawing while I waited around, and on my commute
  2. Drawing both small and large
  3. Varying my tools and paper, to keep it interesting
  4. Drawing women on International Women's Day (March 8)
  5. Drawing just heads and faces, or drawing people from the back
  6. Pacing myself and completing ~20 per day

I'm also taking advantage of All You Can Watch Weekend on Craftsy to view Lynne Chapman's "Expressive Picture Book Characters." It's quite different from urban sketching, but it's a fantastic guide to symbolic shortcuts that can help when drawing people on the move. Her book, Sketching People: An Urban Sketcher’s Manual to Drawing Figures and Faces, is also excellent.

And of course, Suhita Shirodkar's "Figure Sketching Made Simple" and Marc Holmes' own "Sketching People in Motion" are must-sees on Craftsy as well!

So, are you in for the challenge? What are *your* tips for getting it done?

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