Weekend in Tahoe

Monday, October 22, 2018

It's only four hours away, so why did it take us so long to go back to the Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe? The last time we were there was during our cross-country roadtrip, in 2015.

Better late than never, and October is the off season (after the summer crowd, before ski season). We stopped in Truckee, California, for lunch and then headed straight to Sand Harbor State Park across the border in Nevada, with its fabulous boulders and Caribbean-teal water.

181020 Lake Tahoe - Sand Harbor

181020 Lake Tahoe - Sand Harbor Beach

181020 SUPers on Lake Tahoe - Sand Harbor

My favorite spot, though, was Fallen Leaf Lake, southwest of the built-up resorts of South Lake Tahoe. It was like suddenly being transported to Alaska. It was pristine, and largely deserted, and beautiful.

181021 Fallen Leaf Lake

181021 Fallen Leaf Lake

I would love to know what these two men were doing with all this equipment (and one was in a wetsuit), but I just had to draw them.

181021 Workers on Fallen Leaf Lake

What are your favorite places near Tahoe?

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  1. I was there so long ago that I don't remember much except sitting on huge boulders and looking at the beautiful water. Lovely sketches of the area!