Till Next Time, Inktober!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

You know I wouldn't let October end without a marathon of ink drawing on Halloween night, right?

Here in one catch-up post are the rest of the drawings I did over the course of this month.

This pumpkin farm about 15 minutes south of us is the real deal -- rows upon rows of pumpkins grown just in time for carving. I only had a few minutes to capture it in a sketchbook, but I'd love to go back down to the area with a proper kit.

181015 pumpkins Morgan Hill

Some persimmons, because everyone draws them and eats them out here:

181012 persimmons

And an assortment of other things -- a fake skull missing its lower jaw, from our Halloween box:

181030 skulls

Some stylized cacti:

Cactus illustration - Inktober

Completely random doodles that may or may not have been inspired by the official Inktober prompts:

181031 inktober end

During the final stretch, I resorted to thumbnailing from photos I had taken.

181031 thumbnails

To color my thumbnail sketches, I used QOR watercolor dot cards. I have been accumulating them at conferences, and it was really cool to put them to use. What's neat about these cards, unlike similar ones from Daniel Smith, is that the pigment is on a coated stock; none of the paint is wasted. I can wipe down the dot cards so they don't get too muddy.

181031 inktober end 2

That's it for Inktober 2018! Overall, it was still a good experience to participate in this challenge. I used a range of different pens, so that was a win. And yes, I couldn't resist adding some watercolor in there; I do love how it complements the ink lines.

How did you Inktober?

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  1. Good to see your inktober sketches...nice!! I have a QOR dot card but I put it into one of my purses and it is so flat I can't tell which one it is in. lol