Trip to Quebec City

Friday, January 02, 2009

Got back yesterday from a whirlwind trip to Quebec City. It was much too cold to sketch a whole lot, but I did manage to get a few drawings in along the way. We spent a night at Dowds' Country Inn in Lyme, NH, on the way up, and had dinner in Norwich, VT, at Carpenter & Main:

Here's a sketch of one of the little pubs on Rue St-Jean in Quebec City, drawn from the cozy confines of the Mikes restaurant across the street:

And here's a quick impression of Interstate 91, which we drove the entire length of each way -- (and through a snowstorm going up):

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  1. I wandered to your blog from the SketchCrawl forum. Your drawings are fantastic!

    I'm looking forward to NYC crawl this Saturday.