New Orleans Sketchbook

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sometimes when the weather is beautiful and you're in a new city, it's really hard to stop and sketch ... you just want to keep walking all over and seeing all you can!

Here's a quick sketch looking down Chartres St from near Jackson Square in the French Quarter. The balconies and buildings cast a ton of shadows everywhere.

Chartres & St. Peter Sts, New Orleans

Here's a look down the opposite side, still from a bench near Jackson Square.

Looking out from Jackson Square, New Orleans

And here's a super quick sketch dashed off while waiting for the Magazine Street bus, colored with Faber Castell Pitt Artists pens later:

Waiting for the bus, New Orleans

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  1. New Orleans has always been a favorite city of mine. You have captured it well, especially the mood.

  2. Beautiful the first one especially1 You're So right...once on the move, you just want to keep going and take it all in!

  3. Your colors are fantastic. That first sketch is truly sensational. Great perspective, line and COLOR!