Sketchcrawl Results

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I know this is a week late, but as the weather gets colder I find myself getting busier!

We started our crawl in Chelsea Market near the Chelsea Wine Vault, with a good-sized crowd for once:

Sketchcrawl 25 - Chelsea Market looking toward 9th Ave entrance

Sketchcrawl 25 - Sketchers at Chelsea Market, New York

For this next one, I used a dip pen that I'd bought in New Orleans, along with Higgins India ink. It was the first time I used a dip pen "out in the field," so to speak. Surprisingly it wasn't too hard to handle the bottle, ink, paper towels, etc.

Sketchcrawl 25 - In front of Chelsea Wine Vault

Then a bunch of us moved on to the High Line:

Sketchcrawl 25 - The High Line, New York, NY

After that I left the group to meet up with M. and have lunch. All in all, it was a good crawl!

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  1. These sketches are wonderful! It's interesting that you mostly sketched your fellow sketchers rather than the scenery. But nothing beats drawing people for fun! I loved your colors too. Was one page in your sketchbook was pre-painted with a nice burnt sienna color? Did you find the dip pen allowed you to get more interesting lines than you otherwise would have?

  2. Thanks! The brown kraft paper was in a different sketchbook (in fact, not really a sketchbook but just a ring-bound book from Muji). I definitely like the lines I get from the dip pen, although I need more practice with it and should probably switch it out with a bigger bamboo dip pen from time to time to really get some varied strokes.