Sunday Scene: Stony Creek

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ever been to the Thimble Islands? I haven't yet, but this past weekend we got mighty close. A spring-weather forecast motivated us to take the tandem bike (newly geared up by M.) on a 16-mile ride through the shoreline town of Branford, CT.

We saw the ferry leave the dock at Stony Creek for the islands but were put off from boarding by the strong winds. I took out a pen and sketched the dock and islands beyond, but the whipping wind chilled me to the bone.

Looking toward Thimble Islands from the Stony Creek dock, Branford, Connecticut

(Sketched on the scene with black Pitt Artist pen; watercolor and watercolor pencil highlights added later.)

It was tough to get back on the bike to ride all the way back to the car -- the steep hills forced us to stop and catch our breath several times!

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  1. Oh, man, you really got that chilly light down, though! What a great outing you had.

  2. Thanks, Laura -- we were quite sore that evening but it was worth it!