Tea at The Drawing Room, in Cos Cob, CT

Sunday, March 06, 2011

At The Drawing Room in Cos Cob, Connecticut

Aside: As I'm writing this, it's raining, and typing the word "tea" makes me want a cup!

A few days ago, M. and I had lunch at The Drawing Room, a boutique and cafe in Cos Cob, Conn., right off Route 1 on Suburban Avenue. The boutique is cute, though I find that many of the high-end home stores in this area tend to have a similar "shoreline preppy" aesthetic. I was interested more in their tea and light fare menu -- and how could I resist *drawing* in a place called The Drawing Room?

For some reason I brought along only a Moleskine sketchbook that I needed to complete. I just cannot bring myself to put away sketchbooks unfinished no matter how much I can't stand the paper. To draw with, I'd brought two Pilot Varsity fountain pens, refilled with Noodler's Golden Brown and Lexington Gray inks respectively.

My first sketch, with the Golden Brown, was atrocious -- the ink simply beaded on the paper's surface and refused to cooperate. I (sort of) salvaged it later with some Pitt Artist pens because I liked the subject -- the cafe's tiered Afternoon Tea. I've used the Golden Brown before quite successfully, so I'm pretty sure it's just this paper, which reminds me of elementary school oak tag or manila folders.

Afternoon tea at The Drawing Room, Cos Cob, Connecticut

My second sketch (shown at the top of this post), using the Lexington Gray, felt much better -- the ink responded with a nice, thick line. I did highlight it a bit with Pitt Artist pens, but not too much.

Anyone else refilling Pilot Varsity pens for drawing? What's your experience with them?

(Now I'm off to go make myself that cup of tea!)

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  1. How wonderful to have an artist drawing in The Drawing Room! We love it!