Monday, July 04, 2011

In the last three weeks I've been in two countries and five states (seven, if you count airport layovers). My sketchbook came along for the ride, but it wasn't always easy to find time for drawing. And sometimes the weather was just plain uncooperative (NoLa, I'm lookin' at you).

My first jaunt was to Cleveland. Naturally I timed my arrival to coincide with that of the midges. They were everywhere -- swarming cars, storefronts and all. Still, I did manage to step outside and fend them off long enough to do a quick sketch of the skyline from the plaza outside the Marriott Key Center.

Sunset from outside the Marriott Key Center, Cleveland, OH

A week later, I was in London. No sketches this time -- was wandering a new neighborhood between back-to-back meetings and dinners.

The end of the week found me in New Orleans -- where it was hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. I mostly sketched from the coolness of the hotel room, 10 floors above the Mississippi River.

Mississippi River from window of Hilton Riverside, New Orleans, Louisiana

Poydras St and Convention Center Blvd from above, New Orleans, LA

Oh, and I did manage to draw between courses during Sunday jazz brunch at Commander's Palace:

Jazz brunch at Commander's Palace, New Orleans, LA

Hoping my next two trips -- back to London, and then to Lisbon -- will offer better weather...

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