Los Gatos Plein Air: A Recap

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Last week I had the honor of participating in Los Gatos Plein Air, a four-day paintout plus show/sale that had me going from hilltop to seaside, vineyard to trail. Here's the play-by-play, with photos by M. of me painting everywhere.

Tuesdsay, June 13

Weeks of prep had finally come to an end -- buying panels in San Diego, ordering frames in several sizes, getting extra paint just in case. I stacked my panels in a bag, gathered my gear in an IKEA rolling tote, and set off for Los Gatos, an upscale town about 20 minutes away that's probably most known for being home to Netflix.

First stop: Gallery 24, to get my canvas panels stamped (this is to deter cheaters -- everything must be painted within the week, so you can only paint on the stamped panels).

I looked at the list of suggested painting locations and decided to go to Mountain Winery in Saratoga, a vineyard/concert venue/event space with sweeping views.

I set up my easel between two rows of vines, looking out onto the valley below.

LGPA Mountain Winery oil

As I walked back to the car, I stepped on a branch and THWACK! The other end of it whipped up and struck my foot, hard. Ouch. (It's been more than a week now and it's *still* painful to wear closed shoes.)

After lunch, I elected to stay closer to home. We drove into Santa Teresa County Park so I could paint one of the trails. Several mountain bikers passed, so I did some quick captures of them in my sketchbook.

LGPA Mtn biker oil

Wednesday, June 14

Chasing cooler temperatures, I decided to head to Davenport and paint a seaside view. It was definitely jacket weather out by the rocks. I chose a slick panel surface and almost immediately regretted it. The paint simply slid around, and I had a hard time getting it to stay put. Still, I stuck it out and did what I could.

Toward the end, the wind really picked up; I was holding onto my umbrella with one hand and painting with the other. The umbrella kept flipping up and finally just detached itself and took off across the land. Not ideal conditions -- but that's plein air!

In the afternoon, I painted in the shade of a building on the beach in Santa Cruz. Bliss! This time I sketched out the scene with a Sharpie marker and then painted in acrylic.

LGPA Santa Cruz beach acrylic

Thursday, June 15

In the morning I went to Vasona Lake Park, where some kids were learning to fish. I got there pretty late so I only had time to put in one person fishing before lunch.

LGPA Vasona fishing oil

Lunch that day was at one of the organizers' homes in downtown Los Gatos. The heat was pretty intense in the afternoon, so I set up in the Town Plaza by the fountain and painted the kids splashing around in it.

It was a challenge to paint the water and the reflection of it on the wet pavement.

LGPA town plaza fountain oil

Friday, June 16

After a quick gouache sketch of people doing yoga in St. James Park in San Jose, it was time to name and frame!

M. had pre-drilled holes into the frames, so he was able to pop in the panels and secure them with little nails before wiring them for hanging.

I chose "One More Hill" (the painting of the mountain biker in Santa Teresa Park) to bring to the VIP reception/silent auction that evening at Dio Deka.

It was a relief to know that all the painting was over. M. and I went to Blue Line Pizza for dinner, and they kindly gave us pizza boxes for transporting the paintings the next day. We also got a few bigger ones at Mountain Mike's for a nominal fee. They were perfect for the framed wet paintings.

Saturday, June 17

Show day dawned hot and stayed hot. I was pleased with my spot in the park -- I was right near the shady trees, so it was great to put our chairs there all day. Between the heat and the highway lane closures, though, there definitely didn't seem to be as many people in the plaza as in the past.

I enjoyed walking around to look at everyone's paintings, and it was great to chat with Randy Sexton, the judge, whose workshop I'd attended last year. Some people did really well and sold multiple works over the course of the day. It was so nice of Laurie and Suhita and Srivani to come out to see the show.

At 5 o'clock it was all over. We packed up, headed home to shower, and then went off to Suhita's place for a drink and draw. Time to kick back and chat and doodle with friends over wine and a curry!

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  1. great roundup of what had to e a madly challenging and exhausting week for you!