USk 10x10: Putting the Urban in Urban Sketching

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The heat wave broke and the breeze was fine at San Pedro Square in San Jose for my Urban Sketchers 10x10 Workshop on June 24. The idea was to consider different ways of putting the city into a sketch. We talked about:


  • What colors are in the environment? Is there a dominant color?
  • Sunlight/clouds: Are there shadows, or is the color flat?
  • What are the textures in the scene (marble? concrete? cobblestone? wood?)
  • What are the marks we could use to express the different textures (stippling, hatching, wash, etc.)?
  • Can we use found materials to draw on? To draw with? To add to the scene via collage?
  • Are there right angles? Curves?
  • Is everything up close, or are there sweeping views?

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