Finish Line: 30x30DirectWatercolor2018

Sunday, July 01, 2018

OhMyGoodnessThisChallenge. At the beginning of June, I'd just come back from Hawaii, and the thought of doing 30 watercolors in 30 days seemed a fantastic way to get warmed up for the Urban Sketchers symposium in Porto.

So I started off strong -- *really* strong -- and then the doldrums set in. I found myself fishing for ways to make the challenge more interesting: using up random papers from my studio like Yupo...

180625 Rose on Yupo from photo

180625 Portland alley from photo - Yupo

...finding inspiration on television...

180626 portraits from tv

...even painting while riding in M.'s cargo bike.

180624 Santa Teresa from cargo bike

Let's be real: I was bored.

But I kept trying.

180628 beach scene from photo

And as the 30th drew near, I came up with lots of excuses not to paint. And then yesterday it all came pouring out. With a waterbrush, in the car:

180630 From car on 280N

At a cafe:

180630 SF cafe silhouettes

From photos:

180630 San Francisco streets from photo

180630 Kauai Poipu beach from photo

180630 Vineyard Morgan Hill from photo

180630 Na Pali coast Kauai from photo

180630 Kauai mountains from photo

Until I did, finally, make it to 30.

What I (re)learned through this challenge: (1) I get bored easily. Look! A bird! (2) I'm super competitive. (3) I procrastinate like a boss. (4) And when the deadline looms, I get it done.

Thank you Marc, Suhita, Liz, Uma, and Anne-Laure for putting me through this (excruciating) (awesome) month. I am truly grateful.

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  1. Congrats on finishing! Great job!!! By the end all I wanted to do was ink something. lol See you in Porto soon!

    1. Right? I'm soo excited to get those pens back out!