Packing for Porto!

Friday, July 06, 2018

Just one week to go before the journey to Portugal begins! Can't believe it's been a whole year since Chicago - wow!

Porto will be my 8th Urban Sketchers symposium, so I've mostly gotten my prep down to a science. I have a workshop pass, which means I'll need to take supplies for each of the 4 classes I'm taking. I've reviewed all the supply lists, eliminated overlaps, and added my fave sketching stuff.

So what's going in the bag this year?

-Gouache tubes and empty palette
-A pan of gold watercolor paint (why not?)
-My watercolor palette and go-to brushes (travel rounds, rigger, flat)
-Sketchbooks: one with hot press (smooth) paper, plus my usual ones; pastel papers
-Pastels (vintge, from various tag sales) & pastel pencils
-Set of colored pencils & pencil sharpener
-Binder clips
-Wet wipes, paper towels
-Old toothbrush
-Some ink
-Water container and a holder from the hardware store
-Various fineliners
-Small folding stool

I may yet add to the list, but this is where I am today. Can you guess from my materials which workshops I'm taking? :-)

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