City of Contrasts: Hyderabad

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Spent last week in Hyderabad, India, for work. The previous time I was there was ~15 years ago; most of the development northwest of the city didn't even exist at the time. It is truly a marriage of old and new. I arrived early on a Sunday, so I had the chance to tour about and sketch.

Near the office early Sunday morning, the main activities seemed to be security and street sweeping. The street sweepers still use whisk brooms.

190623 Hyderabad 1

I stopped to sketch an impromptu game of cricket in a courtyard. This was my first time attempting to capture the action. Clearly I need to study it more.

190623 Hyderabad 2

There were people out on their balconies speaking on their mobile phones surrounded by drying clothes. The clothes say lots about who's living there.

190623 Hyderabad 3

190623 Hyderabad 4

In the afternoon a few colleagues and I headed out to Charminar by Metro and rickshaw.

190623 From rickshaw Hyderabad

190623 Charminar 1

190623 Charminar 2

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