Recap: Carmel Art Festival

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rain, rain, go away. That's what we kept saying every day at this year's Carmel Art Festival, from May 15-19. Some days the skies listened, some days not.

On Wednesday, I checked in around 4, got my boards and papers stamped (verification in case there is any doubt that paintings were done over the course of the festival), and quickly started on a watercolor a block from my hotel as the clouds were gathering. Good thing, too -- the drops fell fast toward the end, and I had to hastily pack up and run for cover.

190516 Carmel Ride

The next morning I rose early and went to the beach to do a small oil before breakfast. The light was almost tropical.

190516 Driftwood - SOLD

Both of the above paintings sold.

Between showers that day and the next, I went to the church across the street from the Cypress Inn (co-owned by the recently departed Doris Day) and did a quick watercolor of the hotel.

190517 Cypress Inn - Carmel

Friday morning I went back to the beach and got in another small oil.

190517 All to Ourselves

Then there was nothing more to do but frame the paintings, put them on the wall, and talk to potential buyers.


In the middle of it, M. and I decided to take the tandem bike along the Carmel Scenic Drive -- wow, what a lovely loop to ride. Stopped for a quick sketch on the way.

190518 Scenic Drive - Carmel

All in all, it was great to be selected to participate in this event, and I was happy to sell two paintings -- but between the Uber to get down there and the hotel nights and the rain, it was a bit on the expensive side. Had the weather been better, I would have considered it more of a vacation with a painting festival on the side.

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